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Neroli Diffuser Luxe Blend

Neroli Diffuser Luxe Blend

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If you need a simpler and more convenient way of benefiting from aromatherapy in any place and at any time, you’ll find a diffuser ideal. Our Neroli diffuser luxe blend allows you to enjoy the amazing fragrance of the combined essential oils together with their beneficial properties in the room of your choice. This blend mixes eight essential oils and fragrances in a highly concentrated formula to create a wonderful feeling of well-being in your home.

What Is Neroli Diffuser Luxe Blend?

Our Neroli diffuser luxe blend is composed of eight aromatic essential oils with impressive properties. These include:

Tunisian Neroli

Floral, rich and citrusy, this essential oil comes from orange blossoms and known for its properties to soothe the mood to relieve anxiety and stress.

Sicilian Lemon

Thanks to its zingy and refreshing aroma, Sicilian lemon oil is known to lift moods and reduce anxiety.

Italian Bergamot

Italian bergamot oil boasts warm and floral notes alongside fruity citrus to quieten the mind or start your day with greater clarity.

Winter Yellow Mandarin

The citrusy, sweet notes of this oil support anxiety and stress reduction, transporting you to a harmonious and relaxing place.

Wild Orange Flower

Citrusy and sweet, this fragrance is known to reduce stress while lifting moods transporting you to a warm and joyful place.


Lavender oil is well-known for its sleep-inducing, relaxing and calming properties.


Invigorating and energising, this essential oil helps to revitalise your mind and body to make you feel more focused and alert.


Amber is known for its soothing properties to ease your mind and body for a more restful sleep.

How To Use Neroli Diffuser Luxe Blend

Neroli diffuser luxe blend is a potent concentration of eight essential oils, so you’ll only need 3 to 5 drops added to your diffuser. Follow the instructions here to make the most of your luxurious diffuser blend:

  • Ensure that you’ve switched off the diffuser.
  • Take off the diffuser’s cover as well as its internal plastic lid.
  • Fill the diffuser’s water tank using up to 100ml of water.
  • Add 3 to 5 drops of Neroli Diffuser Luxe Blend.
  • Replace the cover and lid of your diffuser.
  • Turn on your diffuser.
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